Order, Shipping, Satisfaction Guarantee, and Refund Questions

How do I change or cancel my order?

Every shirt you buy on Airthreads, is custom-made just for you! 

Once you place your order, it goes into the shirt maker’s shirt-making process within 24 hours. If you need to make a change to your order, please e-mail us at, and we will do our best to update your order.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Shipping in the U.S is FREE! 

We ship via USPS. At the moment we do not offer expedited shipping.

We appreciate your patience in waiting for your shirts! Every one of our shirts is made-to-order and customers tell us they are well worth the wait. We can’t wait to get your shirts to you. We strive to deliver most shirts to you within ~15-20 days of your order. 

Where do you ship?

We ship to the United States only. We hope to ship to more countries soon!

When can I expect my order?

We strive to deliver most shirts to you within ~15-20 days of your order. Occasionally, an order can take a bit longer, and we appreciate your patience in waiting for your shirts.

Every shirt you buy on Airthreads, is custom-made just for you! The processing time depends on several things: the type of order, the number of items, and when you place it. 

The good news: Shipping is free!

1st order? What to expect.

If this is your first time trying Airthreads, welcome and thanks for checking us out!

Every shirt on Airthreads is made-to-order, just for you to your fit.

You are going to be satisfied with our quality and service and will buy all your shirts from Airthreads. Occasionally, a small fraction of customers need small tweaks for just the right fit.  

So we recommend buying 1 shirt first. Once your fit is in our system, every shirt will always be made to your unique fit. Every. Single. Time.

Note: New customers, please note if you order 4+ items in your 1st order, we will send you 1 shirt first to ensure that you are satisfied with the fit, fabric etc. We want to ensure that you are happy with the fit before all the shirts are custom-made to your fit. You will receive an email notification for each shirt once it is in production.


What is your return policy?

We want you to love your Airthreads shirts, and we understand that it occasionally takes a 2nd try to get things just right!

Every customer is entitled to a full refund or exchange/remake on 2 unworn, unwashed items with original tags attached within 90 days. Instead of a refund, we encourage you to try our complimentary exchange/remake for a different size or style as there is no downside for you.

Please e-mail to start a return.

What is your exchange/remake policy?

We want you to love your Airthreads shirts and we encourage you to evaluate the fit using our smart size.

Every customer is entitled to a complimentary exchange/remake on 2 unworn items with original tags. 

Please e-mail to start an exchange.

Airthreads Satisfaction Guarantee

Our mission is to enable you to wear shirts you love with confidence. We stand behind our products and provide you the opportunity to return or remake a reasonable number of items you don’t love, free of charge.

As every shirt is custom-made just for you, there are limits that we have outlined below.

  • Every customer is entitled to 2 free remakes/exchanges or refunds on upto 2 items that are unworn & unwashed with original tags attached. 
  • After your 2nd item exchange or refund, we deduct $25/item for each cancellation (once the item has gone into production), return or exchange of unworn, unwashed items with original tags attached i.e. for your 3rd item onward
  • If you paid for shipping, we cannot refund shipping charges.
  • If we shipped your items to the address you provided and they are returned to sender (us) because the address was incorrect, we deduct $25/item. If you know you need a shipping address update before your item has shipped, simply email us at and we can update your order with the correct shipping address. Thanks so much!

Product Questions

Why are Airthreads linen shirts so comfortable?

Linen has been a premium fabric through the ages - a favorite of the Egyptian pharaohs, medieval royalty and today's upper class. The reason for its popularity is simple - it's a lightweight, breathable fabric, with better moisture wicking than even cotton. A fabric that is perfect for warm climate and hot summers

We use the finest, softest, perfectly woven European linen to create our shirts so that you can enjoy the perfect linen shirt . One that looks rich and lustrous and feels airy and comfortable. 

Can I machine wash my Airthreads linen shirts?

Yes! Airthreads linen shirts can be machine washed. We recommend the delicate, hand-wash or short cycle with a cold water wash and rinse. This will extend the life of the fabric if you hand-wash your linen clothing in cold water.

Our shirts are pre-washed so you have a perfect fit and don’t need to worry about color bleed or shrinking.

Can I dry my Airthreads linen shirts in a dryer?

Yes! Airthreads linen shirts can be tumble dried on a low temperature.

But do take care. We do not recommend using the dryer on high temperature.

What about the wrinkles?

Steam iron your Airthreads linen shirts while slightly damp for a crisp, sharp look. Alternately, skip ironing the shirt and embrace the wrinkle. Feel the freedom of an airy, wrinkled linen shirt! We suspect there may be no looking back.