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Here’s our simple yet powerful idea

Looking Great Made Easy

We believe the best way to look amazing is to wear clothes that fit just right. It's that simple.

The Fit Problem

Ever noticed how hard it is to find clothes that fit perfectly off the rack? That's because they're made for everyone, which really means they fit
no one perfectly.

Returns and the Planet

Dealing with returns is a pain, right? And it's not just annoying for us, but it's pretty bad for the environment too.

Get your Custom Size

So, we thought, why not make every piece of clothing just for 
the person who's going to wear it?

1. You, the Shopper

Imagine buying any stylish item you like, knowing it’ll fit because it's made for you. Imagine not having to limit yourself to the same old boring styles and patterns, because whatever you like can be made to your fit. That's what we do here. You can pick from different tailors, each crafting clothes to your exact fit. 

2. Our Amazing Tailors

We work with some really skilled tailors and clothesmakers from around the world. They get to set their own prices, work hours, and choose their styles and fabrics. They are experts at making individual items, giving each garment the focus and care that it needs, and they take great pride in crafting each item just for you.  It's a much better deal for them than the usual mass-production gig.

3. Better for the Earth

Our approach means no more making tons of clothes in standard sizes that nobody ends up buying. When we use high-quality items, we feel great and we consume less. It's a win for the planet.

Ready to find your perfect fit with us?

Get your Custom Size

How Airthreads works

We bring you the best tailors and clothesmakers from all over. Everything you buy from us is made-to-order, tailored just for you.

Sizing — How it works

Our Smart Sizing is pretty straightforward. It's powered by a ton of data to make it accurate. But, like any sizing tool, it's not flawless. Think of it like going to a tailor – sometimes it takes an additional try to get it just right. But don't worry, it works great for most of our customers. And if you need a tweak, we've got an easy process for your first remake or exchange.

Custom-Made, for real?

Absolutely. The clothes here aren't just waiting on a shelf. They're made based on your sizing answers. We take those, turn them into a pattern and measurements for the tailor, and that's how your unique piece gets made.

Shipping time

Why do the products take 15-20 days to be delivered?

Good things come to those who wait.

A custom product is always going to take more time than an item that is pre-made. Every garment is cut and stitched only after your order has been placed. Once stitched, every garment goes through rigorous quality checks. It is then shipped from wherever the maker is located (often this is overseas).

This process takes ~15-20 days. We hear that they are worth the wait!


How is it so affordable if custom-made?

We believe everyone deserves to afford high-quality items.

By cutting out traditional middle channels of Manufacturer -> Wholesaler -> Brand 
-> Retailer and connecting you the customer directly to premium tailors, we’re able to keep prices for premium quality apparel at a fraction of what traditional retailers charge.