How Airthreads Works

1. Pick shirt designs you love

Explore our vast range of fun shirts designed by master tailors around the world.

2. Size up once

Answer 3 simple questions to size up once. Our smart size data-driven algorithms build a unique size for you based on your answers.

3. Every shirt is crafted for you

Every shirt is made just for you, by an artisan master tailor and delivered within 2-3 weeks.

If you are not totally satisfied with the fit of your first shirt, our team of fit experts will work with you to figure out what needs to change and then remake your shirt in a new size at no extra charge. If you’re not 100% satisfied. You can always return the shirt for a full refund.

Thats the Airthreads Fit Guarantee

Access to the world's best shirt makers

Every shirts on Airthreads is designed and crafted just for you by well known tailor stores around the world.

Take the time to browse the tailor stores and get to know their areas of expertise. They are masters of their craft with loyal clientele.