What sustainability means to us at Airthreads

Last month, we were delighted to be part of the San Francisco Eco Fashion Week discussion about Sustainable Fashion and the Rise of Ethical Influencers. There was lots of great discussion and debates about how “sustainability” has become a “buzzword” and what exactly does “sustainability” even mean when we are referring to fashion?

Some sustainability advocates strongly support the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy. We were inspired by panelist Devon of @doubleminted who together with her sister Brittany showcase how you can be fashionable and sustainable through thrifting and vintage buys. 

Other advocates are focused on ethical production and creating a system that supports as opposed to exploits the communities that create products in developing or developed countries.

We used this opportunity to reflect on how we think about sustainability here at Airthreads. Our mission is to create apparel using creation processes that leave our planet, the people who create our products and our customers much better off than they would have been without Airthreads!

Our shirts are crafted from premium European flax - a fiber that is gentler on the environment than cotton. All Airthreads packaging materials are recycled and recyclable. The tailors who stitch our shirts work at ethical factories and are able to support their families and children. And to top it off, we’ve partnered with Forest Creators who plant 1 tree for every Airthreads shirt we sell. 

We are mission-driven to bring you premium high-end apparel that is sustainably created at a fair price.