The Art of wearing a Linen Shirt

Linen. It’s one of the oldest textiles humans created dating way back to 7000 BC. We’ve had our love-hate/indifference relationship with it. On the one hand, Linen is simply gorgeous and elegant. On the other hand, Linen wrinkles! And in our modern Instagram picture-perfect world, we’re losing the art of wearing Linen. Yet, Linen is absolutely the best fabric for Summer as well as lots of Spring & Fall. With its amazing moisture absorbing superpowers, Linen absorbs all that perspiration which is what makes it wrinkle, all so that we end up feeling cool and airy! No other fabric comes close to keeping us both feeling and looking cool and sophisticated.

And get this - Linen is one of the most sustainable and natural fabrics out there - more sustainable than Cotton! Linen production consumes far less water and uses almost no chemical pesticides, unlike Cotton.

So let’s talk about what occasions are right for Linen clothing. 

Linen is definitely not your go-to fabric for occasions when you need that crisp and super professional look - your office, big meetings, black-tie dinners, and weddings. Your crisp dress shirts are what you need here.

Nor should Linen be your fabric of choice when you want to get downright super casual  - your typical lay on the couch or enjoy a baseball game day.

But all those occasions in-between dress shirts and super casual tees are moments for your Linen shirt. Times when you want to be casual or relaxed, but not super casual all the way to a tee - think a casual Family or Friend get together, Dinner around town on a balmy night, Summer-time festivals, Beach vacation dinners and even Beach weddings and even simply unwinding at the end of a long day and wanting to feel a bit more refined than what a tee can offer.

Airthreads Linen Shirt in Mint Green Airthreads Linen Shirt in Indigo Blue

Italians have a word “sprezzatura” or “studied carelessness”. For those occasions when you desire freedom from the pressure of looking perfectly put together and yet desire a polished and elegant look, a Linen shirt gives you an air of “sprezzatura” instantly - no major effort you your part.

Be sure to check out our selection of Linen shirts in modern shades and interesting patterns. Linen may be one of our oldest textiles, and at Airthreads, we are on a mission to make this beloved fabric a part of our modern wardrobes.