Collar Shirts: The 4 Must-Have Collars That Will Elevate Your Style Game


Are you ready to level up your style game? Look no further than the collar shirt. 

Tee shirts will only take you so far. Versatile, sophisticated, and always in fashion, collar shirts are a must-have for every stylish guy. 

Whether you prefer a classic button-down or a trendy camp collar, there is a collar shirt out there that will perfectly complement your personal style. 

In this article, we will unveil the 4 must-have collar shirts that will elevate your style to new heights. 


Why collar shirts are a must-have in your wardrobe

Collar shirts have been a fashion staple for decades and have stood the test of time. Investing in quality collar shirts means you'll have a timeless piece that won't go out of style.

There are several reasons you need to have a core set of collar shirts in your wardrobe. 

  • Versatility: Collar shirts are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit various occasions. You can wear them to the office, a casual outing, a formal event, or even a date night, making them suitable for a wide range of settings.
  • Professionalism: Collar shirts, such as dress shirts, are a staple in professional attire. They convey a polished and put-together look, making them ideal for business meetings, interviews, and other formal situations.
  • Style: Collar shirts come in a variety of styles, including button-down, polo, and spread collar, allowing you to express your personal style and preferences. They can be worn with different bottoms, from jeans to dress pants, giving you endless outfit possibilities.
  • Layering: Collar shirts work well as a base layer for layering with sweaters, blazers, or vests. They add sophistication and structure to your layered looks.


4 Must-Have Collar Shirts

1. The Classic Semi-Spread Collar

A semi-spread collar strikes a balance between the more formal spread collar and the casual button-down collar. This versatility allows you to wear it in both formal and casual settings. You can pair it with a suit and tie for a formal business event or dress it down with jeans for a more relaxed look. If you choose not to wear a tie, the semi-spread collar can be worn with the top button undone, creating a relaxed and stylish open-collar look. This collar works well for business-casual or smart-casual dress codes.

The moderate spread of a semi-spread collar frames the face nicely and can complement different face shapes. This makes it a flattering choice for most individuals.

semi-spread collarsemi-spread collar shirt

2. The Versatile Button-Down Collar 

Button-down collars have a timeless and classic appeal, which means they won't go out of style. You can wear them confidently year after year. Button-down collars are inherently casual in nature, making them perfect for smart-casual and casual dress codes. They offer a relaxed and laid-back look, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Button-down collars are usually worn without a tie. This creates a stylish, open-collar look that's perfect for a casual, unstructured appearance. 

Button-down collars work well with various layering options. You can wear them under sweaters, cardigans, blazers, or even leather jackets, allowing you to adapt your outfit to different weather conditions and style preferences.


Button-down collar Button-down collar shirt

The Minimalistic Band Collar

A band collar, (note it is different from a Mandarin collar), exudes sophistication and elegance. This is a great choice for occasions when you want to make a statement.

A band collar is characterized by its clean and minimalistic design. It lacks the traditional folded-over points of a standard collar, creating a sleek and understated appearance that is inherently refined.

If you simply hate the feel of a collar this is a super comfy option that feels almost like a tee-shirt while retaining an elegant, sophisticated look.

You are bound to get compliments when you pull off this look.


Band collar Band collar shirt

The Trendy Camp Collar 

A camp collar, also known as a Cuban collar, is a distinctive and unique style of collar found on shirts. Its uniqueness lies in several key features:

  • Open, Notched Collar: Camp collars are characterized by their open, notched design, which sets them apart from traditional collars. Unlike standard collars, camp collars do not have a collar stand or a buttoned-down point, creating a more relaxed and casual look.
  • Vintage Vibes: Camp collars have a distinct retro or vintage feel. They were popularized in the mid-20th century and are often associated with 1950s and 1960s fashion. This vintage aesthetic adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to your outfit.
  • The absence of a structured collar stand and the open design make camp collar shirts inherently casual and laid-back. They are perfect for warm weather and informal settings, such as beach parties, vacations, or casual dinners.


Camp Collar 

Conclusion: Elevate your style with collar shirts

Elevating your style with collar shirts involves more than just wearing them; it's about how you choose, style, and accessorize them. Here are some tips to help you elevate your style with collar shirts:

  • Choose Quality Fabrics: Invest in collar shirts made from high-quality materials like cotton, linen, or silk. Quality fabrics not only feel better but also drape well and hold their shape over time.
  • Perfect Fit: Ensure your collar shirts fit you properly. They should neither be too tight nor too baggy. Pay attention to the collar fit as well; it should sit comfortably without constricting your neck.
  • Tailored Shirts: Consider getting your collar shirts tailored for a customized fit. This can make a significant difference in how the shirt enhances your physique and overall appearance.
  • Experiment with Collar Styles: Explore various collar styles, such as spread collars, button-down collars, semi-spread collars, and band collars. Different collar styles can complement your face shape and neck length differently.