Linen - the stylish fabric for this summer

Did you know that linen was a premium and desirable fabric through the ages? 

Linen’s strong and thick fibers are 30% thicker than cotton making it less prone to breakage and longer lasting - getting softer and ever so comfortable after multiple washes. Linen is natural at moisture wicking, absorbing up to 20% of its weight before it begins to feel damp! It’s a fabric that was designed for summer apparel - comfortable, breathable and simply beautiful and naturally lustrous.

Linen is a perfectionist’s fabric and expensive to manufacture. High-quality flax only thrives in parts of Europe limiting where it can be grown geographically. The manufacturing process is a labor of love involving many time-consuming steps including retting (loosening fibers from stalks), scutching (separating the fibers), hackling (sorting short from long fibers) to simply get to a fiber that can be woven! 

This killer combination of a perfect fabric for hot or humid climate together with its expensive price point made linen the choice fabric for the super-rich and elite through the ages - think Egyptian pharaohs, Mesopotamian clergy, medieval royalty and even the master of haute-couture Louis IV who made linen the rage during his rule.

At Airthreads, we’re inspired to bring this classic, beloved and premium fabric that’s fantastic for our environment to every person’s closet. Try it on - we’re sure the Airthreads shirts will become your favorite shirts - super comfortable, elegant looking and good for the environment.