Incorporating Linen into your Summers activities

Spandex/Lycra, Polyester & Nylon fabrics have taken the athleisure fashion scene by storm as these fabrics are comfortable, stretchy and great at moisture wicking - keeping you dry as you work-out. But none of these materials are great for our environment as they are made from petroleum based ingredients and do not degrade easily. As we roll into Summer, one way to reduce your environmental impact is by carefully limiting how much of these materials you purchase.

For those of us who indulge in moderate physical activity, but don’t necessarily need peak or extreme apparel, natural fabrics like linen work great. Linen is breathable and great at keeping you cool, airy and dry during moderate physical activity that doesn’t involve a ton of sweat. 


Okay, not all of us can pull off a spandex look or care enough about our speed to torture ourselves to reduce drag! We're really more into an urban stylish casual look that's perfect for a casual ride to a neighboring town.

Turns out linen shirts have really been awesome at keeping us cool and looking stylishly sophisticated on the bike. 

Urban biking style with linen Shirt


You don't always want to look like you're off on a safari. Pair a linen shirt with some lightweight shorts or hiking pants. Don't believe us?! Don't take our word for it - see how the royals pull it off.

Hiking style in linen shirt


Okay, you knew this. Of course, you think of linen for the beach. But really think about it. If you're not in the mood to slather yourself with sunscreen. A linen outfit is perfect to protect your skin while still enjoying the heat and beating the humidity at the beach.


Whatever activities you pursue this Summer. Be safe, keep active and maintain social distance. We’ve been turning more and more often to our beloved linen shirts to keep us feeling cool, airy and free in this lockdown!