Forest Creators will plant 1 tree for every Airthreads shirt sold

Our mission at Airthreads is to enable you to enjoy stylish, carefully crafted quality apparel that is built to last while minimizing our impact on our world. 

Airthreads shirts are sustainable from the get go. Linen fabric is far more sustainable than cotton using less water, fewer chemical pesticides and producing less waste. Our packaging is fully recycled and recyclable.

As part of our core commitment to creating apparel that is sustainable, we are delighted to partner with Forest Creators. Forest Creators is a dynamic organization with a mission to plant trees - rapidly building mini-forests in small and urban areas. They follow the Miyawaki method which focuses on planting native trees, planting trees with great density and planting a diverse set of tree species all of which result in rapid afforestation and restoration of the local biodiversity.

Starting with an initial forest of 1500 trees planted in 2015, they have an ambitious goal of planting 10 million trees by 2025. We are inspired by the very concrete work this small organization with a gigantic vision is doing on the ground.

For every Airthreads shirt that is sold plants, Forest Creators will plant 1 tree. We are super excited to be partnering with Forest Creators to drive the revolution for a sustainable future.