Dress Shirt Collar Styles & Names - Airthreads Guide

Wondering about the differences between all the dress shirt collar types out there? We’ve got you covered. 

First, let’s cover the more common collar shirt styles.

  1. Point collar: This is a classic collar that features pointed ends and is often worn with a necktie.
  2. Spread collar: This collar has a wider opening between the points and is often worn with a wider necktie knot. It is a more formal collar that is often worn with business attire and formal wear. It requires a wider necktie knot, such as a full Windsor knot, to fill the wider opening between the points.
  3. Semi-spread collar: A semi-spread collar is a type of dress shirt collar that falls between a point collar and a spread collar in terms of the width of the opening between the points. A semi-spread collar is a versatile option that can be worn with a variety of necktie knots and is appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. It is often considered a more modern and stylish option compared to the traditional point collar.
  4. Button-down collar: This collar has buttons that attach the points to the shirt front, giving it a more casual look. It is often accompanied by a soft roll
  5. Stand collar: This collar stands upright around the neck and can be worn with or without a necktie. There are 2 popular types of stand collars - the Band Collar and the Mandarin collar
    1. Band Collar:​​ This is a collar that stands up and does not have any points or fabric that fold down. 
    2. Mandarin collar: Is like a band collar, but has fabric that extends above the final button and goes around the neck, but does not meet completely in the front, leaving an open space.This collar is a narrow, upright collar that stands up around the neck. It is often worn with a formal jacket or gown.
  6. Camp collar: This collar is a wide, relaxed collar that is often found on Hawaiian shirts and other casual shirts.

Now you’ve mastered the basics. When you want to show off your sartorial expertise here are some less well-known collars

  1. Club collar: This collar has rounded points and is often worn with a bow tie.
  2. Wing collar: This collar has a standing band around the neck and is worn with formal evening wear, such as a tuxedo.
  3. Cutaway collar: This collar has a wide opening between the points, which creates a V-shape when worn with a necktie.
  4. Straight collar: This collar is a simple, unadorned collar that has straight points and a narrow opening.
  5. Tab collar: This collar has small tabs that can be fastened together behind the tie, helping to keep it in place.
  6. Convertible collar: This collar can be worn either with the points down or with the points folded up, creating a more casual look.
  7. Collarless: As the name suggests, this type of shirt does not have a collar. It is often worn for a more casual or relaxed look.