Airthreads Linen shirts - all you need this Summer

We just returned from beautiful, wonderous Costa Rica - famed for its eco-tourism. We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the fantastic natural experiences the country has to offer - accessible jungles teeming with wildlife, beautiful sandy beaches, and zip lining through forest canopies.

While we thought we were prepared for it to be hot and humid, we were still blown away by just how hot, humid it was in April the end of the dry season.

Our Airthreads linen shirts were simply put irreplaceable. Cotton tees and shirts were just unable to stand up to the humidity and quickly turned sticky. The thought of wearing any synthetic fabric was quickly dismissed.

Linen fabric, on the other hand, was a delight in this weather. The loose weave allows heat to escape quickly. The legendary absorbency of linen quickly absorbed any perspiration keeping us cool and dry while not sticking to the skin.

We can’t wait for you to try this premium line of shirts to you wherever you are as you get ready to beat the heat and humidity this Summer! Whether you are staying put here in the States or ready to travel - make sure you’ve packed your favorite Airthreads shirt so you can feel free, relax and unwind!