3 Winter destinations to pack your Linen shirt

Lucky to be getting away from the cold this Winter? Your Airthreads linen shirt will keep you cool and comfy in these destinations.

Miami, Fl

Is any day in Miami a non-linen shirt day? We think not. With average highs in the mid 70's even in winter, and high humidity throughout the year, Miami is a destination you will want to bring your Airthreads linen shirts to. And it's not just Miami. Key West, Orlando, Daytona are all hot and humid Florida destinations to keep cool in your linen apparel.

Vizcaya Venetian Pool, Miami -Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay


There's a reason Hawaii is a favorite holiday destination year-round and especially at Winter. The consistent balmy weather is perfect for spending quality beach time especially when you have had your fill of rain, sleet and snowstorms. Your versatile linen shirts will be essential for beach time, jungle hikes as well as a polished and sophisticated yet comfortable look for evenings.

Hawaii, Photo by Luke McKeown on Unsplash

Palm Springs, CA

Spring festivals, Art festivals, Polo events - Palm Springs is alive and happening in the heart of Winter. Pack a linen shirt to add an elegant and dressy look. Feel the freedom of reveling in summer-like weather in the thick of Winter!

 Palm Springs, CA - Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash