3 surprising travel destinations to pack your linen shirt

Think linen is only for Summer, beaches and tropical destinations? Think again. We've put together a comprehensive list of destinations you will be most comfortable visiting with your Airthreads linen shirts.

Here's to some adventurous travels staying cool and looking polished.

Western Europe in Summer

Flax, the fiber that linen is made from, is native to Western Europe. The finest linen is grown in Western Europe. Traditionally, countries like France, Belgium, Latvia, Ukraine were the places where linen was worn through the ages and not just in summer. Paired with a warm jacket or light sweater, linen can be worn in cooler months too. If you are traveling to these countries and want to pull of an elegant look, put away the tees for a few evenings and swap in an elegant linen shirt and or trousers to blend in like a native. 

Cinq Terre, Italy

Japan in Summer

Summers in Japan are hot and...surprisingly humid! Whether you are about town visiting a summer festival, a temple, a market, you will be in and out of the efficient yet packed Metros. Linen apparel will keep you effortlessly cool and sophisticated.

Tokyo, Japan

Tropical destinations

If you are not used to the humidity in tropical destinations, the mugginess can be a challenge. Linen fabric is your friend all year round in these destinations. Cotton may be a far second, but don't even bother with any synthetic fibers. Whether your travels take you to visit India, farther east into Vietnam and Malaysia. Whether it's Madagascar and parts of Africa. Planning some jungle adventures in Latin America or the Caribbean area. Even in winter, while locals may bundle up in the low 70's you will be glad you carried your linen apparel. There's reason linen is beloved in these countries - it's the easiest fabric to stay cool and look stylish.

Safdarg Jung's tomb, Delhi, India