3 Linen shirt styles every guy's wardrobe needs

2020 is a wrap. Now that we've all adapted to at working from home and casual wear is our default style, here are the 3 linen shirt styles every guy shouldn't miss including in his wardrobe.

The classic semi-spread collar long sleeve linen shirt

If you’re going to invest in just one linen shirt, we recommend a classic long-sleeve linen shirt. This style is simply super versatile as it can be styled in an endless number of ways. This is a shirt you can dress-up to a nice dinner or event - pair it with khaki pants or nice jeans and a jacket for a comfy elegant look that’s not stuffy. This look works great for tropical destination weddings, and refined dinners.

The style works really well for casual events too when you pair it with summer shorts. Keep the sleeves long and  casually turned up at the cuff, or roll-up the sleeves for an even more casual look. 

Airthreads mens long sleeve linen shirt in sky blue
Airthreads mens long sleeve linen shirt in sky blue


The band collar linen shirt

When you’re ready to elevate to a sexy linen look, the band collar look is a great bet. The band collar originated as a practical off-shoot of the removable collar. These shirts add a minimalist, clean and modern look. They are also sexy as they are reminiscent of the sexy priest clergy collar.

This is another versatile style that can be paired with trousers and a jacket or even a suit. It can be dressed down with shorts. This is a style that even pairs well with joggers! And this shirt can be both tucked in or work untucked.

The camp collar linen shirt

Know that feeling - when you’re on vacation and simply want to wear something that screams “I’m free!”? A camp collar linen shirt is what you need for times like this. This is a shirt style that was designed specifically to beat the heat. It originated as a humble working-class wardrobe staple across the Spanish New world. An airy shirt style with a floppy open collar  - it was the antithesis of the western stiff collar buttoned up shirt. Evoking images of balmy strolls in tropical streets and lounging with cigars in humid evenings at a cafe the camp collar shirt became the epitome of vacation relaxation. 

Airthreads mens camp collar linen shirt in orangeAirthreads mens camp collar linen shirt in orange

The secret to styling this shirt is that you can pair it with anything you would pair with a collared shirt - chinos, jeans and even shorts, but always leave it untucked. The straight bottom hem together with the camp collar is a defining characteristic of this shirt.