Airthreads to enable people to look good, feel good and most importantly feel free to do something good.

Highest quality, thoughtfully crafted apparel

We believe in carrying few pieces, but the highest quality for each of these pieces.

Every piece in our collection is crafted from the highest quality fabric and with meticulous attention to the details for that piece.

For example, our linen shirts are made from the finest premium European linen. From the beautifully embroidered label that ensures no itch, to the buttons - you will notice every element of each of our pieces has been carefully thought through.

When you pick an Airthreads piece of clothing, you can rest assured that the piece is the finest quality - no compromises.


Sustainable practices throughout

We are determined to be a thought leader in sustainably created apparel.

We also believe it’s important for people to have peace of mind about the environmental and human impact of their clothing purchases.

We only carry pieces that can be created in a sustainable way - from the fabric being environmentally friendly to manufacture, the practices used to create the clothing to our beautiful packaging which is 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable.

When you pick an Airthreads piece of clothing, you have the peace of mind that this piece was created in the most sustainable way possible.

Fairly priced

We believe everyone deserves to afford high-quality items. When we use high-quality items, we feel great and we consume less.

By cutting out traditional middle channels and bringing apparel products directly to you the customer, we’re able to keep prices for premium quality apparel at a fraction of what traditional retailers charge.

Try our shirts for yourself. Feel the freedom to be yourself and do something great.

Free U.S Shipping

Due to COVID, shipping times are a bit longer than usual. We aim to get your shirt to you in around 2 weeks.

Quality + Craftsmanship

We specialize in crafting small batches of shirts. Every shirt is meticulously measured and stitched for perfect fit.

Every Shirt Plants a Tree

We partner with Forest Creators a small non-profit with a massive mission to plant 10 million trees by 2025!