Guys: 3 ways to pull off linen shirt style

A nice modern or classic linen shirt is a summer wardrobe staple to keep you cool through the warm weather. Here are 3 super easy ways to bring the cool and stylish linen fabric into your wardrobe routine.

Summer casual

This is a look for summer days, beach days, sailing. Since your linen shirt is more formal and structured than a tee, the key is to pair your linen shirt with nicely fitted shorts as opposed to baggy shorts. Most color combinations work here - contrasting shirt and shorts and even light shirt on light shorts. Nothing shows your summer style like this classic linen look.

Summer casual: Linen shirt with shorts

Polished casual

A look for balmy summer evenings and nights whether you are vacationing or local. Pair your linen shirt with a smart pair of chinos or jeans. Contrasting colors work best here to pull off an effortlessly sophisticated yet casual look. And you will feel unbelievably cool.

Polished casual: Linen shirt with jeans or chinos



Beach wedding or cruise ahead? This is when you can show your mastery of the fabric. Pair a long sleeve shirt with a pair of nicely tailored trousers. Yes! As the look is more formal, keep the shirt tucked in to carry off this look. A belt is a must. And if this is a wedding, so is a nice contrasting jacket that you can feel free to remove if the weather is too warm.

Whichever way you style it, you will be effortlessly comfortable, light and free to enjoy the moment. Yes, your linen shirt will wrinkle. Let it go. Embrace the wrinkle. Feel free and authentic.