Our Story


Airthreads brings you access to the best tailors and clothes makers around the world.


Our journey began with 3 simple realizations: 

#1 - The simplest way to look great is to wear clothes that fit you well


#2 - Yet, finding clothes that fit you well is far too difficult. Mass-produced, standard-size clothes fit no one in particular. Sizing varies across brands and figuring out what size to buy is way too challenging.


#3 - Dealing with returns is a hassle. High returns are really really bad for our planet.


So, we asked ourselves a question

What if every piece of clothing could be made just for you, to your fit?

#1 - For you the customer, you can buy whatever stylish items you desire, with peace of mind that it will fit you, because it was made for you. Shop across different creative artisan tailor stores with confidence in fit. Every item on Airthreads is made to order, to your fit, just for you.


#2 - For creative clothes makers around the world, they can focus on crafting stylish items and connect with customers across the world. The traditional mass-manufacturing fashion industry is notorious for exploitative working conditions for clothes makers. Independent tailors on Airthreads sell directly to customers around the world - setting their own prices, hours and making their own creative choices in the fabrics and styles they craft. 


#3 - For our planet & environment. This is a better path forward. No more excess items made in standard sizes that won’t be bought by anyone.


Ready to look your best and experience the luxury of a shirt that was made for you?